Book Review: Official Price Guide to Collecting Books (5th Edition)

The “Official Price Guide to Collecting Books” (5th Edition) is a pleasant aid for all book lovers. Its large manual to collectible book pricing is fascinating and treasured in itself, but what I loved even more was the numerous interviews with longtime ebook dealers. These interviews, sprinkled throughout the ebook, provide a keen perception into modern out-of-print bookselling and collectibles marketplace. Of course, the specialists disagree on a few factors, however this is all part of the fun — you get to decide what makes the first-rate experience for you, and practice the ones ideas for your very own book-hunting adventures.

This guide, through Marie Tedford and Pat Goudey, additionally thoroughly covers genre gathering, the care and repair of books, and includes a thesaurus and references to many extra assets of facts.

So whether or not you are a ebook auctioneer, bookstore proprietor, an internet dealer, or certainly a lover of collectible fiction or nonfiction treasures, I’d endorse that you examine this e book from cover to cover and positioned it on your shelf for future reference. When I examine this e book some months in the past, I observed myself underlining some paragraphs on nearly each web page. It will come up with a finer appreciation of ways the Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for e-book collectors and sellers alike.